Hall of Fame

The Club Sports Hall of Fame was created in 2012 with the vision to promote the incredible accomplishments of former club sport athletes. Many continue to build their legacy in the sport through full-time careers, coaching, participation, and philanthropy. In the first year 8 individuals were chosen for induction based on the criteria outline below. Click on each individual name to read their biography and look through pictures from their past and present. Enjoy!

Phil Bauer (Men's Ice Hockey)

Will Geiger (Boxing)

Amanda Miller (Gymnastics)

Danielle Miller (Women's Rugby)

Kyle Perry (Men's Water Polo)

Sloane Schottenheimer (Equestrian)

David Wenger (Cycling)

Brad White (Wrestling)

Erika Jones (Women's Lacrosse)

Josh Cartellone (Football)

Dan Culp (Men's Lacrosse)

Jessica Wood (Women's Ice Hockey)

Brittany Wheeler (Women's Basketball)

Michelle Adams (Gymnastics)

Criteria for induction may be found here.